Message from the Chairman

Be a Public Health Professional

We are currently offering Bachelor and Masters Degree under Department of Public Health, Faculty of Science & Engineering Technology, FCUB

Message from the Chairman

Health matters, more specifically, population health matters. This principle drives all we do in the Department of Public Health at First Capital University of Bangladesh. My colleagues and I are constantly engaged in teaching and research on some of the most challenging and crucial healthcare issues of our time such as, communicable and non-communicable diseases, reproductive and child health, environmental health & disaster management, health services & hospital management, HIV/AIDS and other emerging and re-emerging health problems.

We are committed to innovative research through strengthening the graduate education, and improving healthcare in communities. We offer graduate degree programs both regular and executive leading to a Master’s in Public Health. Our programs provide a first-class education that integrates excellent academic rigor with real-world experiential opportunities. Our students come with a desire to serve as the leaders of public health in government, UN organizations (WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, FAO, USAID), International NGO’s (icddr,b, Save the Children, FHI 360, and etc.), as well as other reputed institutions. They graduate with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to be the pioneer who impacts the communities and the world.

Our department is dedicated to provide quality education through the most experienced and professional teachers from all around the globe. This will eventually improve the health of populations while training tomorrow’s leaders in evidence-informed public health. We are committed in working collaboratively, thinking innovatively, performing leading-edge research, and adding tangible value to our students and the communities we serve.

We welcome highly motivated students and researchers to join our exciting journey of discoveries in public health. I invite you all to browse our website and publications and learn more about us and what we do.

Sazin Islam

Assistant Professor, and Chairman

Department of Public Health

First Capital University of Bangladesh

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